Our team

The DIATROFI Program team consists of members of the Prolepsis Institute that specialize in a plethora of fields and who design, implement and control all aspects of the Program in order to ensure its sound implementation.

  • The operations team consists of both research and administrative staff.
  • The research team, which is responsible for designing, monitoring and reviewing all of the Program's functions, consists of physicians, nutritionists, health promotion specialists, statisticians and sociologists. 
  • The project management team is responsible for administering, coordinating and reviewing the program. The coordination team, ensures compliance with the approved procedures and quality standards by maintaining regular communication with all parties involved. The team makes frequent visits to the schools and the meal suppliers, performs weekly telephone calls and disseminates informational material to all parties involved, including the students and their parents. Furthermore, the team runs a hotline for anyone involved or interested in the Program. 
  • The entire project team collaborates and is constantly in touch with the Prolepsis Institute's collaborating partners at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Medical School, as well as collaborating partners in distinguished universitites in the United States and the United Nations. 
  • Our team of volunteers provides us with invaluable support in all stages of the Progam. 


 Prolepsis Institute Scientific Team

-Health Promotion Specialists
-Food Technologists

Prolepsis Institute Management Team

-Program Coordinators


-University of Athens School of Medicine

-Foreign Universities and Organizations



 Founding Donor 

 The Stavros Niarchos Foundation