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The Institute of Preventive Medicine, Environmental and Occupational Health Prolepsis is a non-profit organization, active in the field of medical research, health promotion, environmental and occupational health since 1990.

Our mission

Our mission is to respond to major public health needs of Greece and Europe by conducting rigorous academic research and translating it into education, advocacy and humanitarian projects.  This mission is rooted in the belief that health equality is a necessary pre-requisite for broader social justice and social inclusion.


Our values:

We are committed to equality, social inclusion and respect for individual differences and choices.  At our core, we value hard work and perseverance that is based on an inherent obligation to give back to one's community.  These core values determine our selection of projects and also shape our relationships with each other, with beneficiaries, and with collaborators.  

Our strategic goals:

The Institute's primary goal is to promote health and to contribute to improving relevant policies.

Our aims are to:

- conduct research on critical issues related to health and well-being, with an emphasis on epidemiology and preventive medicine
- promote health education and health awareness
- create networks for interdisciplinary and international cooperation on public health issues

Our actions

For 20 years now Prolepsis has assumed a leading role in the field of Public Health:

  • Offering specialized services in the fields of medical research, data management, organization of integrated health education and health awareness campaigns.
  • Providing consultancy services for the prevention, the proper handling of workplace risks as well as for the evaluation of environmental risks.
  • Advancing research methodology in the field of health and preventive medicine.
  • Supporting education in public health and medical research issues.
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary and international co-operation and creating networks of collaboration. 

Our team

Our human resources consist of a multi-disciplinary team of experts including physicians, epidemiologists, public health and health promotion specialists, nutritionists, communications specialists, sociologists and economists. Through our programs and actions, we encourage interdisciplinary and international collaborations and create networks of cooperation within the Greek and European, as well as the international framework.

Prof. Linos Athena, MD, MPH, PhD


Veloudaki Afroditi, MA, PhD 

Petralias Athanassios, PhD


Papadimitriou Eleni, MD, PhD

Riza Elena, PhD

Prof. Yannakoulia Mary, PhD

Prof. Benetou Vassiliki, PhD

Prof. Linos Eleni, MD, MPH, DrPH

Linos Elisabeth, AB, PhD candidate

Linos Natalia, MS, ScD

Prof. Karagas R Margaret, PhD

Zota Dina, MSc, PhD 

Karnaki Pania, MHSc

Dalma Archontoula, MSc, PhD 

Belogianni Katerina, MSc

Kastorini Christina Maria, PhD

Pantazopoulou Anastasia, MD, MSc, PhD

Mitraka Kalis, MA, PhD candidate

Geograkopoulos Panagiotis, PhD

Kouvari Matina, MSc, PhD candidate

Haviaris Anna Maria, MSc

Penny Drymoni, MSc

Thomas Tsiampalis, MSc

Koutelidas Yannis, MA 

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