All for Health, Health for All: The Prolepsis Institute is participating in the 9th European Public Health Conference

The Prolepsis Institute will participate in the 9th European Public Health Conference, which will be held in Vienna, on November 9-12.

More than 1,700 scientists and practitioners in the field of public health, will participate in the workshops of the conference, which is organized by European Public Health Conference Foundation, European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and Österreichische Gesellschaft für Public Health.

On Friday November 11, Konstantina Zota, Co-Director of Research and Head of National Programs will present the program DIATROFI, as a good practice –intervention for the fight against food insecurity and child health promotion: “Policy brief addressing food insecurity and obesity Case study: the DIATROFI program”, in the section entitled “The odds and end”.

Taking into account the threats to public health which are increasing over the last three decades, the Organizations EUPHA and ÖGPH reiterate their commitment to the principles of the Ottawa Charter on Health Promotion (1986), through theVienna Declaration by which they call all parts of the public health community, in Europe and beyond, working at all levels, local, national, regional and global, to recognize the multi-tiered determinants of health and opportunities for action to protect and promote public health.

Further information on the 9th European Public Health Conference can be found on the website: