Study published on scientific journal on promotion of healthy nutrition through the Program DIATROFI

The study entitled “Promotion of healthy nutrition among students participating in a school food aid program: a randomized trial” conducted by D. Zota, A. Dalma, A. Petralias, A. Lykou, C-M. Kastorini, M. Yannakoulia, P. Karnaki, K. Belogianni, A. Veloudaki, E. Riza, R. Malik and A. Linou was published in the scientific journal International Journal of Public Health in March 2016.

The randomized study is based on quantitative results of the Program DIATROFI for the school year 2013-2014 and presents the positive impact of incorporating healthy nutrition education as part of a school aid program. The results affect students’ dietary habits as well as their body weight.

The article is available through the following link: