Study published on scientific journal regarding the benefits of the “DIATROFI Program” on students’ eating habits

The study entitled “The influence of a school-based intervention programme regarding adherence to a healthy diet in children and adolescents from disadvantaged areas in Greece: the DIATROFI study”, conducted by C.-M. Kastorini, A. Lykou, M.Yannakoulia, A. Petralias, E. Riza and A. Linos was published in the scientific Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health in January 2016.


The study is based on quantitative results of the DIATROFI Program during the school year 2012-2013, and it demonstrates an improvement regarding the students’ eating habits. Moreover, it highlights the relation between the adverse economic conditions and the adoption of unhealthy nutrition choices and therefore the need for implementing school feeding programs, especially in socially and economically vulnerable areas. Data for this study was collected by 3,941 questionnaires from 162 schools participating in the program for the school year 2012-13.

The abstract is available on the webpage: