The DIATROFI Program in EuroHealthNet magazine

Detailed article on EuroHealthNet magazine – Edition 9 about the implementation and the benefits of DIATROFI Program.

EuroHealthNet is a not for profit partnership of organisations, agencies and statutory bodies (Prolepsis Institute is a EuroHealthNet member) working to contribute to a healthier Europe by promoting health and health equity between and within European countries. EuroHealthNet achieves this through its partnership framework by supporting members’ work in EU and associated states through policy and project development, networking and communications.

Through the publication of its magazine, EuroHealthNet aims to explain its projects, its objectives and its ways of working.

Please find the article about the DIATROFI Program in the following link: http://www.eurohealthnet-magazine.eu/ehn-magazine-9/combating-food-insecurity-promoting-healthy-nutrition-in-schools-in-disadvantaged-areas-across-greece-the-diatrofi-program/