Distribution of healthy meals in schools located in vulnerable areas with the DIATROFI Program - Prolepsis Institute stands by students during the pandemic

September 28, 2020 -The distribution of healthy meals to students started on Friday September 25 through the Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition Program DIATROFI. In a difficult period for thousands of families due to the pandemic, Prolepsis Institute offers for the tenth consecutive school year a rich and nutritious meal to children attending schools in vulnerable areas. Over half of the student body of these schools’ experience food insecurity.

This year the Program begun with schools in areas of Attica, while in the coming days schools from other regions of the country will be included. The DIATROFI Program is implemented for the tenth consecutive school year, with even stricter standards for safely managing the whole procedure. Increased measures against transmission of the new coronavirus, are taken: e.g. meals (bakery wares/sandwiches, milk/yogurt, fruit) are packed in special individual food boxes, preventing students crowding during distribution; personal protective equipment is used (disposable gloves and masks from suppliers involved in the distribution process).
«650 schools with 57.000 students have already applied to join the DIATROFI Program. We do everything possible to meet the requests of principals and parents to offer school meals. In this school year, the most difficult of the last decades, we must stand by all children in need and protect their physical and mental health. We invite institutions, bodies of the regional and local government, private companies and citizens to embrace our effort», said Mrs. Athena Linos, Professor of the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and President of the Prolepsis Institute.
The DIATROFI Program has proven that it can combat food insecurity in practice and at the same time improves students’ eating habits. Data recorded by the Prolepsis Institute in the participating schools in school year 2019-20 demonstrates that at the end of the school year, out of the total number of families that were facing food insecurity with hunger, 33% did not experience hunger any more. Fruit consumption increased by 52.6%, dairy products consumption by 37.8%, while health-related quality of life improved by 56.9% among students.
Today, the DIATROFI Program is implemented with the support of AB Vassilopoulos as Golden Donor and with the precious contribution of institutions, organizations, companies and our fellow citizens from Greece and abroad, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.
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