SYN-ENOSIS continuous to support the DIATROFI Program and students from the Evros region

We would like to cordially thank the Greek Shipowners’ Non-Profit Social Welfare Company SYN-ENOSIS for its valuable contribution to the DIATROFI Program implemented by the Prolepsis Institute. Thanks to the generous support of SYN-ENOSIS we have secured on a daily basis the provision of healthy meals to 78 students from the region of Evros throughout the 2019-20 school year.

Thanks to the overall support of SYN-ENOSIS since 2018, a total of 24.000 nutritious meals have been secured for students in remote areas of Greece.

SYN-ENOSIS’ contributes to Greek society by supporting social welfare programs and activities for vulnerable social groups and for projects of public interest, through the provision of humanitarian and charitable aid.

You can find more information about SYN-ENOSIS at: https://www.syn-enosis.gr/en/support-areas/