AB Vassilopoulos about the collaboration with the Prolepsis Institute

AB Vassilopoulos remains firmly by the side of the Prolepsis Institute in our great effort to fight against the problem of hunger and food insecurity experienced by students all over Greece. Since 2014 and for a fourth consequent year, AB Vassilopoulos supports hundreds of families in need by having offered more than 600,000 healthy meals through the DIATROFI Programme. Alexia Macheras, Communication & Sustainability Manager, talks about the cooperation between AB Vassilopoulos and the Prolepsis Institute:

“All of us at AB Vassilopoulos believe that actively and responsibly contributing to society is an integral part of our culture. Our actions put forth our philosophy and are characterized by the wide range and duration. One of our main objectives is to provide food to people in need around us, and especially to children. Therefore, for years we have been carrying out actions providing daily meals to those in need. Our cooperation with the Prolepsis Institute is one of the most long-standing ones towards this direction and it is focused on children’s well-being, not only because through this cooperation thousands of children all over Greece daily receive their meal at school, but mainly because the meals that we offer are healthy, cover a great part of their daily needs and teach them healthy eating habits which they can follow throughout their life.”

Alexia Macheras, Communication & Sustainability Manager