SILVER award to Prolepsis Institute at the Healthcare Business Awards 2016

An honorary distinction was awarded to Prolepsis Institute recognizing its work in healthcare, through the DIATROFI Program.

The ceremony for the Healthcare Business Awards 2016, was organized by Boussias Communications and Health Daily was held at “Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso” Hotel on September 13. Prolepsis Institute received the SILVER award in the category “NGOs Contribute to Health”, for the Program on Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition – DIATROFI. This prize recognizes the Institute's achievements in combating food insecurity and promoting healthy nutrition through the DIATROFI Program.

The Healthcare Business Awards were held for the first time aiming to promote and reward innovation, developmental initiatives and the best practices of healthcare agencies, organizations and companies.
Medical-scientific societies, universities, associations of patients, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, diagnostic centers etc. were recognized at the Awards ceremony. The jury who evaluated the nominees consisted of distinguished Greek and international scholars, as well as some of the most famous figures in healthcare.