Silver prize awarded to Prolepsis Institute at the VoluntaryAction festival

The Prolepsis Institute received the Silver Award for the category "Health and Welfare" at the "VoluntaryAction" festival organized by Skywalker.gr on July 16-17 in the City of Athens Technopolis.

The award recognizes the achievements of Prolepsis Institute in combating food insecurity and promoting healthy nutrition through the DIATROFI Program.

The “VoluntaryAction” festival aimed at highlighting the importance of volunteering in the contemporary social context. Non-governmental organizations, volunteers, companies and civil society had the opportunity to present their work as well as to exchange information and ideas on better coordinating their actions. The scientific team and volunteers of the DIATROFI Program informed the participants of the festival on the Program and the significant role of volunteers in implementing it. Prizes were rewarded for actions which promote volunteering, solidarity and support for the most vulnerable social groups.

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