Prolepsis Institute participates in the pilot program “I am in” to reduce school dropout

Prolepsis Institute participates as a partner in the pilot program “I am in” which aims to reduce student dropout rates. The program has been designed by the association “Together for children” with the scientific support of the organization “MERIMNA” and in partnership with the Center for Research and Practice of School Psychology of the University of Athens and a group of volunteer teachers from the 2nd Experimental High School of Athens.

The Program was initiated at the beginning of the current school year in high schools within the 7th school community of the Municipality of Athens aiming to reducing school drop-out. The intention is to evaluate and improve the pilot after the end of the first year of implementation and to develop the program as an example of good practice for all high school classes also in regions other than Attica. Participants of the program are students at high risk of dropping out of school; they attend additional training after school hours within the school environment and a free meal is offered to them. Training and counseling is also offered to teachers by psychologists for managing school crisis and for teaching and helping students with learning difficulties. 

Prolepsis Institute will carry out the quantitative and qualitative research aiming at the program’s evaluation and improvement. Additionally, the healthy meal distributed to students who participate in the program is offered by Prolepsis Institute and the Program DIATROFI.

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