Findings of the program DIATROFI presented in the conference “Fragmentation and Exclusion, Understanding and Overcoming the multiple Impacts of the Crisis” (FRAGMEX).

Prolepsis Institute participated in the conference organized by the Crisis Observatory of the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) on November 25 at Impact Hub in Athens in the context of the research program FRAGMEX “Fragmentation and Exclusion: Understanding and Overcoming the multiple Impacts of the Crisis”.

The first theme of the conference: “Crisis and Society: Consequences and Public Policies”, was addressed by Dr. Athanasios Petralias, General Research Manager at Prolepsis Institute who presented statistics and numerical data reflecting the consequences of the economic crisis on the most socioeconomically vulnerable parts of the population. Mr. Petralias presented the Food Aid & Promotion of Healthy Nutrition Program “DIATROFI” and its effectiveness on confronting the phenomenon of food insecurity based on quantitative and qualitative data.

In the conference findings of the research project FRAGMEX were presented with respect to developments on issues of poverty, unemployment and food insecurity in Greece during the crisis as well as policy responses. Furthermore, research findings were presented regarding the role of civil society during the crisis, as well as the evolution of attitudes and public discourse in Greece regarding the role of Germany and the European Union in the field of crisis management.

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