The kindergarten Playland supports the DIATROFI Program

The nursery and kindergarten PLAYLAND, located in Varkiza since 1983, supports the DIATROFI Program and encourages the purchase of the Program’s educational material by parents of PLAYLAND’S students. In this way, PLAYLAND becomes an active member to the campaign “NO MORE HUNGRY CHILDREN AT SCHOOL” aiming to benefit as many children as possible through the DIATOFI Program.


Prolepsis Institute offers educational material for purchase with a view to raise funding for the participation of the largest number of schools possible in the DIATROFI Program. This educational material has been developed by a team of health specialists and nutritionists promoting a healthy diet and physical activity. The material (2 puzzles & 1 coloring book) is available for the price of €12. This amount is enough to cover a child’s meals for 3 weeks.

It is noteworthy that for this school year, 2.050 schools, with 258.000 students from all over Greece, have applied to participate in the Program DIATROFI, while available resources are enough for only 8.000 to 10.000 students, that is less than one tenth of the children.

It is clear that this year, even the smallest contribution is valuable. With the donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF), grant donor of the program, to the DIATROFI Program and the matching funds method, the SNF will match any amount raised through other donating sources, in order to reach the largest number of schools possible.

You can learn more about ways to help The DIATROFI Program on the webpage:


Since 1983, Playland educates students while cultivating values, such as volunteering and caring for each other. The teaching staff of Playland supports and implements learning by experience transmitting to children the values of caring and of solidarity.

PLAYLAND’s Website: http://www.playland.edu.gr/