We can lead a healthier lifestyle: Prolepsis Institute participated in the 12th European Nutrition Conference

Prolepsis Institute participated in the 12th European Congress of Nutrition, held on October 20-23 in Berlin. It is estimated that 1600 delegates from 70 nations attended the conference. One of the most significant conclusions is that it is possible to have a healthier lifestyle even on earlier stages of life. Additionally, the principle of prevention and the choice to adopt traditional eating habits, such as the Mediterranean diet, is the key to improving life quality and to developing a strong immune system to fight serious illnesses.


Among the topics discussed was the development of dietary recommendations addressed to the public and the evaluation needed as well as the use of scientific data in order to develop these recommendations. Based on the topic: "Dietary recommendations: A useful tool to improve the eating habits and health of the Greek population", Ms. Constantina Zota, Specialist in Health Promotion, co-director of Research and Head of National Programs of Prolepsis Institute presented the project : "Ef…Diatrofin” Developing and disseminating the general and specific National Dietary Guidelines.

Ms Zota reported the noticeable change on the dietary habits of Greeks in recent years moving towards unhealthy choices while reducing physical activity. Deterioration of quality on food choices has led to negative effects on health, such as increasing obesity, both in adults and in children.

Prolepsis Institute has worked with a group of scientists to develop the National Dietary Guidelines addressed to the general adult population, women in the most important stages of their lives (pregnancy, lactation, and menopause), children and adolescents, as well as the elderly.

The National Dietary Guidelines have been developed with a view to contribute to health promotion of the population, based on recent scientific knowledge and by making the best use of the traditional Greek diet. The National Dietary Guidelines are available on the website: www.diatrofikoiodigoi.gr.

More information on the 12th European Conference on Nutrition website: http://www.fensberlin2015.org/


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