The cooperation between the Prolepsis Institute and Harvard University is continuing successfully

For the third year, Prolepsis welcomes an Intern from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics as a part of the Director’s Internship Program. The program has been offering career-oriented internships for undergraduate students interested in politics, government, and public service in high-profile organizations around the world for the past 20 years.

Since the inception of this nascent partnership, numerous students have expressed interest in joining and contributing to the Institute.

And, Prolepsis’s participation has proved mutually beneficial, a rewarding immersion for this year’s intern, Rhea Malik, and a valuable addition to the Institute as it expands the scope and depth of its involvement in public health initiatives.

Quickly integrating into the tight-knit Prolepsis team, Rhea has proven a positive and energetic asset. Her work on DIATROFI, the Food Aid and Promotion of Healthy Nutrition program, and proposals for new partnerships-within Greece and throughout the EU, sheds light on her critical thinking and aptitude in research. She demonstrates compassion and commitment via her involvement in health literacy among the ageing population and in clinical and laboratory settings. Prolepsis looks forward to continuing its partnership with Harvard’s Institute of Politics, bringing in equally driven and conscientious students in the future.