Aiming to quantify and record the need for food aid, to investigate the students' dietary habits as well as to further the effective implementation of the program, the Prolepsis Institute designed a survey which was distributed to all participating schools.

During the school year 2015-2016, 11,279 surveys were collected and the results of the ensuing statistical analysis of the responses were the following:

  • only 33% of participants in these areas of the country has food security 
  • 24.6% is experiencing food insecurity with moderate or severe hunger  
  • In 65.1% of the families at least one parent had no source of income
  • 9.2% of students had no health insurance

DIATROFI fights the outbreaks of food insecurity in schools directly, by distributing millions of meals, and indirectly, by easing the financial obligations of hundreds of families.