Prolepsis Institute and the Onassis Cultural Center present the educational program “Musical notes eat properly”

The Prolepsis Institute is participating in the educational program of the Onassis Cultural Center for the period 2015-2016 with an original workshop combining nutrition with the arts. The program “Musical notes eat properly” was designed in collaboration with the Onassis Cultural Center aiming at familiarizing children with healthy eating, motivating them in a way to improve their dietary choices and their physical activity levels. From January 11 to the end of May, a total of 40 sessions will take place with 20 schools participating with students of Kindergarten and of elementary school grades 1st-4th.


The workshop, will give students the opportunity to understand the meaning of healthy nutrition and physical activity, using colors, movement and creative activities with live music accompaniment. Through the narration of musical stories and interactive games, children will learn about dietary habits, the main principles of healthy eating, food groups, the frequency and portions of meals and much more. The songs, the movement, the music and the melodies will accompany activities, will entertain children and enhance the communication of knowledge.


Christine Panagiotakou-musicologist-musical therapist
Sofia Kamagianni: composer, musician, teacher

Team of the Prolepsis Institute:

Afroditi Veloudaki: health communication specialist
Dina Zota: psychologist, health promotion specialist
Christine Kastorini: clinical dietician-nutritionist
Ioanna Koutoufari: psychologist-specialist educator

More information can be found on the following link: